Essential English Reader (Textbook)

The Essential English Reader has been designed to facilitate teaching English as a school subject both as a tool and a way of gaining knowledge and personal insight. It is guided by four broad educational goals of facilitating linguistic enrichment, cultural competence, critical thinking, and learners’ personal involvement. Besides assisting the reader in learning the English language, the series is expected to foster insight into life, values, and cultures. With an ideal blend of literary and linguistic inputs, the series aims to enable learners to communicate with others at personal, social, and inter-cultural levels. Each textbook has been organized with meticulously selected reading materials which have been clustered around theme-based units. Each unit allows the learners to acquire specific language and communicative skills and the instructors to design and plan each teaching session in the most flexible way to address the specific needs of their own unique learning environment.

Salient features

  • Stimulating and motivating warm-up activities
  • Meticulously selected and carefully graded reading materials to suit the learners’ age-specific psycho-social dynamics
  • Variety of exercises to test comprehension and enhance vocabulary, grammar and writing skills
  • Speaking and listening tasks compatible with the theme of reading topics
  • Clear and relevant illustrations that complement the content
  • Revision exercises at the end of each unit
  • Supplemented with Workbook series which serves as an extension of the Reader

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